Damien Lovegrove

Hollywood Portraits Workshop in Aalborg  

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Damien Lovegrove

Damien Lovegrove is considered by many to be one of the worlds most influential contemporary photographers. He is best known for creating portraits that make women look fabulous. He is a confident director and great fun to shoot with too. Damien’s lighting style is distinctive and his picture composition unique. “I learned how to light the Hollywood way from a retired lighting director when I was undergoing my lighting training at the BBC in the early 1990s.” 

At Zenfoto we are proud to offer you a spot on a new and exclusive:

Hollywood style workshop

By Damien Lovegrove

Classic Hollywood


The classic Hollywood portraits from the golden age of film conjure up visions of fantasy, beauty and romance. These evocative images have always been a style that is in great demand among high society. 


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In this workshop

“In this workshop I’m going to share with you the skills, formulas, and iconic styling features needed to recreate the Hollywood look. Together we will capture visual masterpieces, finely tuned to perfection”.


The Hollywood style

“I’m often asked what makes a portrait ‘Hollywood’ in style. My answer is; the finely controlled use of hard light from classic spotlights, a narrow depth of field, and a high-quality monochrome print. Vintage Hollywood photography also needs appropriate hair, make up, and fashion styling. Hollywood is not all about the past; there is a new genre taking hold among social photographers which fuses classic Hollywood lighting with modern fashion styles. The crisp light that we will use closely resembles natural sunlight and makes skin come alive. We will shoot both high key and low key portraits in the boudoir and reception rooms of the hotel.”



Only 6 spots pr. day.

Friday 25th or sunday 27th November

Workshop day – only 6 delegates

09:00 Registration

09:30 Introduction 

09:40 Photoshoot

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Photoshoot

17:00 Question time

Lights will be provided during the photoshoots

You need to bring a monopod or tripod as some shooting will be with low shutter speed.

Lunch is included.

Lecture day

Saturday 26th November

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The right to changes in program are reserved.

Zenfoto Proudly offers you the Damien Lovegrove Fuji Guide.

Zenfoto Proudly offers you the Damien Lovegrove Portraits.