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Elena Shumilova Workshop

Here at Zenfoto, we are proud to offer you a spot, at this exclusive 2-day workshop with one of the best children photographers in the world; Elena Shumilova.

About Elena

Elena’s style of photography, with use of “a least amount of everything”, is simply magical.. The way she captures the everyday life of her two boys, Yaroslav and Ivan, is really inspirational, to photographers all over the world.














In Aalborg


The workshop will be held near Aalborg, in Denmark. The location will be surrounded by nature. As requested by Elena, we will make sure that there are animals at the location, and we will make sure to find parents that are interested in letting their children act like models for you, on the photoshoot.


Zenfoto workshop with Sean Archer

At this workshop

Elena Shumilova Will show you hov to make magic.

Day one:

• We start at 10.00am, local time, with a short presentation.

• Elena will hold a lecture.

• We drive by bus, provided by us, to the location. On the busride, we will provide a sandwich for lunch.

• Elena will take us through the photoshoots, on the location.

• After the photoshoots, we will take the bus back to the hotel, where you will have a chance to rest for the remainer of the day, or…

• For those of you who wish to participate, we will use the rest of the day, to get to know each other, and enjoy a dinner, i company with fellow photographers.


Day two:

Bring your laptop og PC/ Mac, with Photoshop installed.

• We start at 10.00.

• Elena will take you through her post-processing routines.

• Break and lunch.

• Elena will give you some feedback on your photos from the shoot.

• Elena will show you step by step, how she makes some photos.

Zenfoto invites you to join this workshop